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Tiger selfies

Dodgy roadside attractions are some of the worst perpetrators of tiger abuse.  Overbred mothers are forced to have litter after litter of cubs who are then ripped away shortly after birth, denied proper nutrition and veterinary care, and handed over to the public for seemingly innocent photos.  Don’t be a part of this abuse. Instead, give your money to true sanctuaries accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) and to legitimate international conservation efforts. This will ensure your financial support goes to making the right difference.

Owning a tiger

The private ownership of big cats is inhumane, unsafe, and inconsistent with global tiger conservation efforts. You can help to end the trade in “pet” tigers, as well as exploitative cub handling exhibits, across the U.S. by supporting the Big Cat Public Safety Act. This critical legislation will protect captive and wild tigers, first responders, and the general public by banning the individual ownership of big cats throughout the United States.  Please click on the link below for step-by-step instructions on how you can join this citizen-led movement to save big cats from abuse.

Wildlife crime

The illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be a multibillion-dollar business involving the unlawful harvest of and trade in live animals and plants or parts and products derived from them. Tiger derivatives and products — like tiger bone wine, teeth, skins, etc. — are major contributors to the black market push for slaughtered tigers. In fact, Tiger mills and farms have proliferated across the landscape of several nations, established for the sole purpose of generating these products. Alarmingly, these farms and the accompanying trade in tiger parts and products fuel demand for the animals’ wild counterparts and drive poaching.

“Man cannot give wild animals freedom, they can only take it away.”

-Jacques Cousteau

Supporting true sanctuaries

The term “sanctuary” is often misused by animal exhibitors to lure in unsuspecting people. Don’t be fooled! True sanctuaries do not breed, buy, sell, or trade animals, and they never allow public contact with wild animals of any age. Signs of a true sanctuary are membership in the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance or accreditation by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

Wild tiger conservation

In 2006, the world’s premier tiger scientists came together to resolve why tiger numbers were continuing to plummet, despite years of seemingly robust efforts to save them. Panthera is leading or supporting efforts at key sites across six tiger range countries, including Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, and Thailand.


In our continued effort to raise awareness about the plight of the tiger, Rescue Doc Films has made The Hidden Tiger available without fee for select in-person or virtual classrooms.

Contact Rescue Doc Films for information abut film screenings, teaching guides and virtual interactions with the filmmakers or advocacy workshops for educational settings.

It’s not whether animals will survive,

it’s whether man has the will to save them.”

– Anthony D. Williams

Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help.

Only if we help shall they be saved.

– Jane Goodall

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