Tigers In Tennessee: A Cameraman’s Terrifying Experience

Written by Jeff Reed I am a Knoxville-based production professional with credits varying from televised retail, (also known as home shopping), to sports production, commercials, independent feature films, and reality television. Most recently I completed a stint working within a major multinational media company. A large part of my responsibilities included conforming US television programs to international broadcast and content standards. That may sound rather

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Talking for Tigers: Documentary Storytelling Techniques

In this post, Documentary filmmaker Michael Samtesto outlines the documentary storytelling technique used in the Hidden Tiger to give tigers the voice they deserve. The Hidden Tiger is Samtesto’s fifth feature length documentary in distribution. Let’s jump in! Let me be clear--tigers are EXCELLENT communicators. They chuff, roar, and have an extensive and bizarre range of vocalizations. In fact, I’d go so far to

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Hidden Tiger Coverage on Fox News

Carole Baskin working on new documentary focusing on big cat conservation The former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant is teaming up with Knoxville, Tenn., filmmakers to make a documentary about big cat conservation and the cruelty of keeping them in small zoos and parks. Baskin said she felt like the Netflix show was a missed opportunity to do important work. She wanted to do the series to expose how

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Interview in Knox News

We spoke to Carole Baskin, who said this Knoxville-led tiger film can be 'Earth changing' Ryan Wilusz,  Knoxville News Sentinel Carole Baskin, an activist for big cats, sat down and binge-watched "Tiger King" on Netflix just like everybody else. The end product, which she believed would resemble a "Blackfish" for tigers, had almost nothing to do with saving big cats, she said — a real "missed opportunity" for the film that

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